- Update log 18.8 201422 Aug 2014
Unnatural selection, Jean Pierre and more!

Update log

  • Corrected some items with rare-rusty armor
  • Fixed few ankrahmun tomb teleports, also
    they work as in real-tibia now - you have to stand on the mystic flame in order to get teleported
  • Plague bell, mask give the correct addons now
  • Fixed bug with NPC Cobra at Stone Tomb
  • Fixed bug with !buyhouse command
  • Corrected few umbral weapon attiributes
  • Fixed NPC Urkalio
  • Added unnatural selection quest
  • It is possible to get second warmaster addon from Cael now
  • Fixed few bugs with Jean Pierre
  • Added all "special foods" that you can make with Jean Pierre
  • Increased spawn-rate(raid) of Midnight panther
  • Some minor fixes in general
  • Added powergamers to the website
  • Changed the layout of quests at character view (website)

Make sure to vote your opinion about the warzone missions and stamina regeneration time at the forums

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- Update log 16.6 201422 Aug 2014
As you wanted, the website layout has been totally changed.
The website layout is more RPG stylish now, fits to our server much better than before.
There will be minor changes to be done at the website, if you have an guild, please go and upload new picture.
The shop is quite narrow currently, it will be extended later.

Cast system
Finally the cast system has been enabled, check out under "library>casts" for more information.

Update log

  • Added client support for 10.39-41
  • Fixed multiple spawns
  • Fixed bug with Claw of the Noxious
  • Lowered loot chance of Amazon items dropped from orc raids
  • Fixed some npc's trade bugs
  • Fixed some monster loot bugs
  • Fixed bug with NPC Luigri (necromancer task)
  • Fixed bug with Erayo (assassin outfits)
  • Cleared some houses with inactive owners
  • Added possibility to buy houses ingame since it it not currently possible to bid for houses at the website
  • Updated guild wars

The update log is rather short this time, due the time that cast system and website took a lot time.

Posted by GOD ATTE