14 Oct 2014, 15:04

Whats going on?

Some of you have been asking what is going on with Dalerium, will it come back online?

Surely we will come online, haven't dedicated the date yet because there is still some testing to do.
However, I can tell you what has changed/will change.

The server is going to be a bit different than before, to be honest quite majorly.
This isn't any "advertisement" post, so I won't include here the things we already have. 
I will try to include here everything that is new/has changed.

One of the biggest changes is that we are going to have couple custom quests whereas players can get unique rewards, such as premium points.
Another major change is that we have finally added training monks to the server. (AFK time will stay at 15 minutes)
Third major change are quests, you won't have to do missions for quests such as Djinns or to pass gates at Yalahar.

  • Added PowerGamers and Top online to the website.
  • Added achievements, most of the achievements are visible on the website.
  • Improved nearly all pages on the website, such as: shop, my account, search, guilds)
  • Added Last Man Standing event
  • Fixed and improved a lot scripts
  • Improved Killing in the name of tasks
Those are the "biggest" things that I can recall right now, since I haven't made any logs of them its quite hard for me to recall every change that I've made, but I can tell you that I have been working on Dalerium all the time fixing old content and adding new.

Regards, Atte

Top 5 players
1. Test Sorc Lvl 8
2. Test Druid Lvl 8
3. Test Pal Lvl 8
4. Test Knight Lvl 8
5. Aleh Ultrakill Lvl 8
Server Information
IP: Dalerium.net
Port: 7171
Client: 10.41
Server save: 10 AM
Players online: 0
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