29 July 2014, 15:42

Update log 29th of July

About DDOS attacks, and some news.

Do we have ddos protection?
Yes, we have better than average ddos protection, but these attacks are just way too strong for the firewall to block them.

When will the ddos attacks end?
I can't accurately say when the ddos attacks are going to end, since the attacks are not relaying on me.

Tho, I can tell you that I contacted OVH yesterday about this issue, they just replied something like (shortened) "indeed your server is under very heavy load, contact to other department"
So, I contacted them again (some hours ago), they told me that they are now aware of the problem and will contact me when they have resolved it.

Shouldn't take too long, but who knows the ddos attack has already lasted for 20 hours~
Indeed the OVH support seems to be quite slow and poor, but then again these attacks are very strong, and who ever it is who wants to put the server down has to have very good reason. Since ddosing that strong attacks for so long time is getting quite expensive for the ddoser aswell..

I assume many people think that the problem should have been resolved already, but unfortunately there are few reasons why its not.
1. Whoever is attacking the server is very motivated to put us down, and it seems like he is using quite a lot money on it.
2.  Currently we are relaying on OVHs support team, unfortunately their support team seems to a bit slow..
3. Currently the server doesn't have enough players to pay for constant protection against this~ strong attacks, it would cost around 200-350 euros to protect the server from this strong attacks (and still it wouldn't protect us 100%)  -> Yet we will likely purchase better ddos protection in the future.

If there is currently nothing you can do about these attacks. - what are you doing then?
I am working on new content and fixing bugs that were reported.
At this moment I am tracking maps for Oramond.

Whats going to happen after the DDOS is over?
There will be compensations, yet I haven't fully thought of what will happen after these problems have been fully fixed.
But as I said yesterday there will be some well known bosses spawning much more often than usual.
Yesterday night I also said that there will not be double experience, tho after all this time I am not sure about it, therefore there might be double experience for a while.

Lastly but not least, even tho many people are disappointed about these attacks, specially because they have lasted for so long.
I hope still hope you understand how little there is I can do about these attacks, when the attacker is using so much resources against us.
It is yet unknown who the attacker is nor where he lives, but once these attacks have been mitigated  legal actions will be taken against the attacker/s.

Sorry for the inconveniences
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