27 Jul 2014, 16:30

Update log 27th of July

Updates / changes during the last few days.
  • Fixed legion helmet quest at rookgaard
  • Fixed desingrate rune
  • Added questlog for assassin base outfit
  • It is no longer possible to travel with pz with Palomino nor Appaloosa
  • Updated guilds page
  • Added Prezil to farmine
  • Updated exori gran icos formula, lowered cooldown to 15 seconds
  • Fixed bug with Children of the Revolution mission 5
  • Fixed bug with The Ape City quest mission 4
  • Corrected skinning chances
  • Fixed minor bug with with the New Frontier Quest
  • Fixed and updated house bidding page
  • Updated NPC Norma at rookgaard
  • Added A Prisoner NPC to mintwallin
  • Added brief quest log for every Paw and Fur bosses
  • Updated Grizzly Adams respond when reporting task
  • Added music box to game
  • Updated most Rookgaard NPC's
  • Updated various different monsters
  • Updated demon oak so in order to do that you will need to kill 66 demons first, however starting the demon task does not require any rank of the Paw and Fur.
  • Corrected utori kor's shooting range
  • Orc with the old backpack spawns rarely from now on
  • Added quest log for the Gravediggers quest
  • Fixed pz bug at Ankrahmun and Venore
  • It is no longer possible to pass Yalahar quarters with pz log
  • Fixed multiple minor map bugs
  • Corrected couple monsters corpses ID
  • Added Relam of Dreams quest, however Chayenne's Magical Key is not yet obtainable.

We have recently started looking for new dedicated server to make the game-play better and smoother, specially for people who live far away from France.
Therefore, our server will be moved to new engine later next week, more information about this on the next update log, also.
We will be moving our forums under opentibia.net domain, both of us will benefit from this update.
opentibia.net will get more user activity while we get new better looking and functioning forums.

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