20 Nov 2014, 20:41

Update log 20th November 2014

This weeks update includes a lot of minor fixes but also some really tiny but neat additions.

Website fixes/additions
  • Redesigned guild wars page - page looks much cleaner and better than earlier
  • Added tabs, wars are categorized in three divisions now;
    •  Active Guild Wars
    •  War Declarations
    •  Guild War History
  • Fixed guilds page and guilds list, you can now;
    •  Add your own guild logos
    • ,Change your guilds MOTD/description
    • Add a description to players in your guild e.g "Superman(text here)"
  • Added change gender doll to the shop
  • Added more quests to character profile.
  • Character death list will now show "other" properly >It will show most damage dealer, the player who did last hit or if the player has been soloed it will show that.
  • Updated support page, it shows tutors and last log-in properly now.
New additions
  • Mass healing won't heal "bosses" anymore, instead it will heal creatures with less than 10k of health
  • Updated Warzone reward chests and added achievements. If you open any of the chests more than 50 times you will get second achievement and (1 000 000 experience points * your exprate) Note: you can do this for each boss:
  • Added guild war kill messages and current war scores to guild chat.
    •  0:59 Opponent Test Sorc of the Dalerium Staff was killed by Asdd. The new score is 19:16 frags (limit 999)
  • When you log-in, guild channel should open automatically (you need to open it once yourself first)
  • It is possible to dig leeches at Venore swamps now
  • You can use muck remover on mucus plug now, perhaps you will find something useful.
  • Added more Grim Reapers to Drefia
  • Grizzly Adams will give bonus points when returning a task now; 
    • 3 extra points for those who have 0 to 20 task points. 
    • 2 points more to those which have 21 to 40 task points.
    • 1 extra point to players who have 41 to 70 task points.
    • If you have more than 70 points no bonus points are given.
  • Random monster spawns happen more often. Monsters such as Giant Crustica and Demodras
    • Slightly increased average healing damage of salvation spell (exura gran san)
    Content fixes
    • You cannot loot wand of defiance anymore (as intended)
    • Raid fixes:
      • Orshabaal spawns after the last message instead of the first one.
      • There was a necromancer raid at Edron whereas it should have raided at Omruc's tomb
      • There was another raid where serpent spawns would have raided at deeper banuta
    • Fixed NPC Hugo(beggar outfits) and added quest log for the outfit.
    • Fixed a teleport on inquisition quest at foundry room (retreat teleport)
    • Added more Ghastly Dragons to northern Farmine ghastly spawn.
    • Fixed bug with Drefia quest Vol.3, Ch.2: Out of the Shadows - you can dig up the Incantation Fragment now.
    • Fixed second hydra cave entrance and added more behemoths to forbidden islands.
    • Fixed bug with not begin able to buy wagon ticket from the following npc's; Lokur, Dukocsh, Lukocsh and Pukocsh
    • Fixed map bugs and added monsters to Treasure Islands
    • You can travel from Ankrahmun to Yalahar now.
    • Fixed black sqm on a house just outside Venore
    • NPC Gamon now sells canopy beds as it should
    • Fixed a map bug at Drefia Grims
    • Corrected level recruitment with Crude Umbral Spellbook (75 instead of 250)
    • Demon Oak area is now non-logout zone 
    • Horestis room is now non-logout zone
    • Fixed loot bug with Omruc's loot
    • Fixed map bugs at Beregar & Added NPC Harog there.
    • Updated Yasirs trade list (Roshamuul loots and some others)
    • Updated Port Hope ferry npc's
    • Fixed bug at WOTE reward room, players who have completed the quest are only able to open the chests.
      • Regarding to this bug, players who had abused this got their whole accounts deleted without any expectations. It was very easy to see who had done the quest by abusing the bug, all bug abusers got deleted.
    • You cannot enter Horetis room if you haven't broken the jar yourself.
    Most of these fixes take place after next server save.

    As you can see there were a lot fixes and least 70% of these were reported by using !report command, thanks to everyone who had reported a proper bug using that command. 
    Keep reporting bugs, you can see that if you report a bug it will get fixed. :)

    Just a reminder that tomorrow somebody who has taken a great picture will get it to the news & will be also rewarded with some premium points :)
    If you haven't sent your in-game adventure picture to daleriumots@gmail.com yet do so now, you still can win this weeks picture!
    Photo gallery will be opened on Saturday.

    Dalerium Staff

    14 Nov 2014, 19:57

    Update log 14th of November 20

    How often would you like to see updates about the changes/additions have been made on the server.
    "Minor update logs every few days to a week" or "Major update logs on weekly basis~"
    Of course if we do any major changes on the server we will make a news post about the changes.
    Note that this wouldn't change of the way we work on the server, it would only change that how often we make announcements about the changes/additions we have done on the server.

    Update log 14th of Novemeber
    • Fixed NPC Lubo and Hanna (minor >citizen addons)
    • Added the Spike
    • Magma Crawler is now tamable
    • Fixed issue with some monster corpses were movable instantly after death. Corrected the IDs of the following monsters:    Serpent Spawn, Hero, Young Sea Serpent, Smuggler.
    • Fixed bug with NPC Gnomerik - (big foot's burden test)
    • Fixed/Added Elemental Spheres Quest (quest logs included) 
    • Tool gears work as a machete now as well.
    • You don't need to bring Sweaty Cyclops bast skirts to trade with him - Instead hes now asking for "three money"..
    • Added Secret Service Quest (quest logs included) 
    • Fixed several minor map bugs
    • Made it easier to speak to some NPC's by making their transcripts more "player friendly"
    • Umbral Master Slayer now gives sword +1 as it should.
    • Added possibility to change gender to shop, price 4 points
    • Fixed coal basin to Stone Tomb, you can access there too which means you are able to complete helmet of the ancients quest
    • Added Kerberos, boss of hellhound task
    • Added !report command
    By saying !report in-game your current position and the text message will be sent to our admins at the website whereas we can easily view the bug that you have seen/there is.

    We also got some great suggestions from players, one of them we also thought was great were about sending in-game screenshots to us. Weekly we would choose least 5 our favorite pictures and and them to gallery - possibly make a news post about them depending if you guys would like to see them on the front page.
    Players whose would get their pictures to the gallery would get a reward of 40 premium points.

    These pictures wouldn't have to be level advantages, they could be from anything.
    Could be for example from: questing, hunting or even from wars, the point of the picture is to show your adventures on Dalerium.
    However, your picture must contain "Greetings for Dalerium" or something very similar.
    Send your screenshots to: daleriumots@gmail.com

    Top 5 players
    1. Fatima Lvl 318
    2. Kziaky Lvl 309
    3. Free Style Lvl 308
    4. Marvel Lvl 304
    5. Juggernauti Lvl 302
    Server Information
    IP: Dalerium.net
    Port: 7171
    Client: 10.41
    Server save: 10 AM
    Players online: 30
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