Dalerium starting in:

29 Oct 2014, 15:25

Dalerium starting!

Dalerium is finally starting, the countdown has started on the website.
The server will start 2nd of November 18.00 CET

  • Client: 10.41
  • IP: Dalerium.net
  • Port: 7171
  • Server save: 10 AM

  • Experience > staged, average 30x
  • Magic rate 10x
  • Skill rate 26x
  • Loot rate 4x
Check out serverinfo from the library tab for more detailed information.

We have well balanced PvP system on Dalerium, we have spent lot's of time on balancing each vocation to their best while keeping them balanced as possible.
For red skull you need 6 unjustified frags, 1 frag lasts for 6 hours therefore it would be theoretically  possible to take 23 frags in a day without getting red skull, for black skull you need to have 12 frags.
  • "White skull time" = 15 minutes
  • Protection level = 0
  • Experience from enemies if you're in war against each other.

Hunting and Quests
We have nearly all RL-tibia 10.41 hunting spots and quests, you can find many awesome hunting places where you can make great exp and profit, specially with our 3x loot rate
We also support team hunting, if you are in shared experience "mode" you will receive 40% experience bonus.
That's not all! - The bonus experience can be even higher than that.
40% Bonus + 
2 Different vocation e.g Knight and Druid = 10% extra bonus
3 different vocations e.g Knight, druid and paladin = 40% bonus
4 different vocations (all vocations) = 80% bonus. 
About quests, you don't have to do boring and time consuming missions for quests as in real tibia.
instead you will only have to do the important missions/"the main ones".
You will also receive experience from nearly all major quests, the experience you gain will be multiplied by your current exp rate. We have couple custom quests which are fun and enjoyable, from these custom quests you can gain exclusive items and premium points as reward.

Create your account now and start your adventure on Dalerium!

For the players who have played Dalerium before can find the biggest changes here
Top 5 players
1. Godric Lvl 8
2. Next Jr Lvl 8
3. Daszle Lvl 8
4. Loco Lvl 8
5. Nicolass Lvl 8
Server Information
IP: Dalerium.net
Port: 7171
Client: 10.41
Server save: 10 AM
Players online: 0
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